Online Radio – An Avatar of Traditional Radio

Online radio is an innovation that has changed the way the world entertains and does business. Radio stations worldwide can be enjoyed over the internet. It also gives businesses’ marketing strategy a new dimension.

With internet technology taking over the communication industry, traditional radio has taken a new avatar… radio on internet. Developers are now busy finding new and more efficient ways for integrating the radio to the internet. Radio streaming on the net has produced a number of audiences that conventional radio has never enjoyed before.

Radio on Internet: What It Is?

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Audio Streaming the Future

Is satellite radio the future or just a stepping-stone to something different?

Satellite radio is popular because it airs multiple channels commercial free and is often standard in many new car purchases (with a temporary paid subscription).

HD radio is another method used by terrestrial radio stations to improve their listenership, but very few listeners are spending the money to purchase an HD receiver, which remains largely unavailable.

Let me see if this makes sense. Satellite radio has been problematic because there are still enough people who enjoy FREE radio. Many can tolerate the commercial content in order to hear music they like at no cost.

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The History Of Online Radio

Early commercial broadcasts in the traditional radio format have been happening since the 1920s. The first live internet exclusive radio broadcast was Seattle based rock group Sky Cries Mary and took place on the 10th November 1994. It was broadcast by Starwave a digital media start up owned by Paul Allen.

During the same month, just a week later the Rolling Stones had a concert that was the “first major cyberspace multicast concert.”

Also during the same month WXYC were the first traditional radio station to announce broadcasting on the internet. WXYC had begun testing bandwidth and broadcasting in August 1994. On the same day WREK using CyberRadio1 software started streaming their beta launch and advertising of their stream did not happen until later on.

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Everything You Need To Know About Online Radio

Online radio is either live or pre-recorded MP3 file. The good side with online radio is that you are not limited to one geographic area or dependent on syndication partners to pick up your show for you to be heard.

For the radio to be effective, three elements are involved:

• The source which is you. You add sounds such as inputs from CDs, clips, or live voice.

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